Orthopedic rehabilitation encompasses a wide range of injuries and problems involving the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and peripheral nerves. In physical therapy we work to resolve pain, limited motion, gait problems, weakness, loss of function, and to prevent recurrence. Our staff specializes in orthopedics with board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialists, (OCS) on staff.

    Athletic injuries are essentially orthopedic injuries which have a sport specific component. Our goal for the athlete is to return the patient to the sport quickly, while preventing re-injuries through proper warm-up and training procedures.

    Treatment for spinal injuries is a subspecialty of orthopedics and should be treated as such. As the structure of the spine is unique, there are special problems related to this area, and therefore specialized training is necessary to ensure appropriate treatment.

    Because the majority of problems are mechanical, relating to specific activities, postures, and habits of the patient’s life style, a mechanical solution is necessary. Our staff is expert in treatment of spinal problems with post-graduate training in the McKenzie approach of mechanical diagnosis and treatment and we have Credentialed McKenzie Therapists on staff. A thorough evaluation will be performed to identify movements, positions, and activities that aggravate the condition as well as those that will decrease symptoms. Emphasis is on active self-treatment in which the patient plays a vital role. The goal in our practice is not only to resolve the current problem, but to prevent recurrence so typical in spinal problems.

    Because of the unique structure, anatomy and functional requirements of the hand, specialized training is necessary for proper rehabilitation. Hand rehabilitation is truly a subspecialty of orthopedics. We have Certified Hand Therapists (CHT) on staff and we work closely with your physician to be sure appropriate treatment is being rendered for the specific injury or surgical procedure involved. Custom splinting will be done on-site as needed.

    Neurologic rehabilitation involves injuries, disease, and problems related to the central nervous system. In physical therapy, we work to achieve maximal, independent level of function through strengthening, range of motion, coordination and balance training as well as functional activities.