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"Fantastic staff that clearly knows what they are doing and knows how to help manage pain. The front desk, interns, and therapists are all extremely kind and professional. I certainly would recommend Wayne Physical Therapy to anyone looking for physical therapy."
Jul 10, 2019
"After having an injury to my left arm, I was in need of 4 weeks of physical therapy. Barry and his team at Wayne PT were a pleasure to work with and got me back to my normal during my treatment. I would highly recommend them!"
Jul 05, 2019
"Thank you to Jeanette and the team at WaynePT for getting me back on my feet. "
Jul 03, 2019
"Barry and his staff are amazing and helped me immeasurably! I wouldn't be able to do the things I am able to do today without them."
Jul 02, 2019
"I broke my dominant wrist in March and was referred to Wayne PT Barry is amazing. The amount of care he gives each patient is above and beyond. The office staff is always welcoming with a smile! I would highly recommend Wayne PT, you might even get serenaded ! Love them "
Jul 01, 2019
"I recommend Wayne Physical Therapy 100%! I came in with severe shoulder pain and left with full motion and zero pain ! They also took care of my son years ago when he was told he would never have use of his shoulder after a tragic accident..he now has full motion and is an avid golfer ! "
Jun 28, 2019
"I have been a patient of their's several times. The staff works great with each other & with all clients. Thank you so much."
Jun 20, 2019
"Barry is great. Knows his stuff. Staff super friendly and accommodating. "
Jun 19, 2019
"I can't recommend Wayne Physical Therapy & Spine Center highly enough. They treated me following surgery for a broken wrist. They dealt with my insurance company to get me the extra visits I needed. The owner, Barry Inglett, is a Certified Hand Therapist and devised a routine that had me regain strength and range of motion quickly. All of the staff were attentive and very well trained. They took me in at my appointment time without having me wait. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience."
Jun 17, 2019
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"Barry & Cathy and their entire staff are amazing! Helped me make a super speedy recovery and am so grateful my doctor recommended them to me."
Jun 17, 2019
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"Barry and his staff were excellent. Professional, accommodating, and were always willing to do whatever was necessary to improve my healing. Highly recommend all of the therapists here"
Jun 11, 2019
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"Excellent office for hand rehab. Staff are extremely friendly, courteous and very professional. Appointment scheduling is a breeze and I never waited more than a minute or two to be seen. Even when arriving early. Recommend this practice to all"
Jun 11, 2019
"I can not say enough positive things about Wayne PT. Everyone there will treat you in a kind and courteous manner. The PT staff is extremely knowledgeable and really take the time to evaluate and treat your issues. I have been a client 3 times. Once after meniscus surgery in my knee, a second time for a compensation issue as a result of the surgery in my other knee, and once for my shoulder after a fall. I can not thank Wayne PT enough for their dedication and service."
May 23, 2019
"Barry, Kathy, June, and Janet are great in your treatment after a car accident. I went to Wayne PT for the first time for my shoulder since then. I have gone there for a leg injury, feet injury, and now my back after 48 years of hard labor. They keep me going. Staff is wonderful, they listen and care."
May 13, 2019
"Love this place! Was referred to them by my orthopedic doctor for a broken arm/wrist. Barry and his wife are amazing and the support staff are super sweet and helpful. A comfortable and pleasant experience every time. "
May 02, 2019
"They gave me the tools to repair the biomechanics of my body and monitored my ability to use those tools. They have unbeatable expertise. I would return to their care if I needed to do so, but after their input, I should be fine. Well done!"
May 02, 2019
" After having basal joint surgery for arthritis, my doctor recommended Barry who is a hand specialist. I saw wonderful results and I am back to almost complete use. Barry and the staff are wonderful to work with. I never had to wait for an appointment."
Apr 18, 2019
"I've been to Wayne PT for recovery from shin splints to major hip surgery. I can't say enough great things about the entire staff. Everyone was very professional, knowledgeable and supportive! The expert therapy, great facility and flexible appointments made for excellent recovery. Hands down the best PT office I have ever been to."
Mar 19, 2019
"Everyone here is dedicated to doing an amazing job. I was unable to move my shoulder when I came and over the course of several months have regained mobility. Very professional in everything they do and very encouraging and the therapists and all the staff are friendly and welcoming. Highest regards for Barry, Jeanette and June. "
Mar 11, 2019
"Wayne Physical Therapy & Spine Center is awesome! My son has gone for an ankle injury and was better so quickly! I went for a torn tendon and the program they developed for me has made me so much stronger...might be able to avoid surgery now! I highly recommend them for skilled, warm and personalized therapy and care."
Mar 01, 2019
"I found everyone at the facility professional, courteous, and extremely helpful. I would do it again but I am hoping not to have to do it again. You were all great and I appreciate all your help."
Feb 24, 2019
"Everyone involved with my care was not only highly competent, they were extremely caring and concerned. Jeanette, Cathy and June took great care of me and my shoulder feels almost back to normal. I know what to do to continue my recovery, thanks to everyone at Wayne PT!"
Feb 04, 2019
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"Everyone involved with my care was not only highly competent, they were extremely caring and concerned. Jeanette, Cathy and June took great care of me and my shoulder feels almost back to normal. I know what to do to continue my recovery, thanks to everyone at Wayne PT!"
Feb 04, 2019
"Thank you so much for all your excellent work and helping me regain the use of my shoulder. There is no better PT in this entire area. I tried a lot before I found you through a friend. The atmosphere, friendliness, professional work you and your staff do is beyond compare."
Feb 04, 2019
"Recently completed my third recovery from injury at Wayne P.T. and I couldn't agree more with the above comments. Broken ankle 15 years ago, torn shoulder 3 years ago and broken arm recently. Everyone in the office are professional, caring and well trained. By far the best Physical therapy you can receive in New Jersey."
Jan 22, 2019
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"I have 4 rods and 14 screws in my back, left knee replacement, and most recently, left hip replacement. So, I have had experience with a variety of physical therapists. Wayne Physical Therapy is the best. The staff is knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging, warm and friendly. Jo, my physical therapist, is superb. She listens attentively to my concerns, explains and demonstrates the purpose and benefit of every exercise. I always feel better at the end of therapy. This is an excellent facility, an amazing resource for our community."
Jan 20, 2019
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"I was treated for a stubborn groin muscle injury that had not improved much with another provider. After a few weeks, Jeanette's healing skills worked and my symptoms have dramatically diminished. Furthermore, she taught me exercises to contunue on my own and insights into avoiding recurrences which have been very helpful. I will add that the atmosphere was very professional and found Jeanette and her assistants to be very attentive and focused on my particular needs."
Jan 14, 2019
"Jeannette and Kathy are Miracle Healers; there is no question in my mind. I sustained a knee injury while skiing and had only a few months to recover in time for a challenging 100-mile bicycle race. In less than 4 months, I went from barely being able to walk without serious pain and limping, to competing in my bike race and bettering my previous best time by over an hour. There is no doubt I owe my recovery, accomplishment, and race results to Jeanette and Kathy. They were able to pinpoint what was causing the pain and direct me on what I had to do to strengthen my knee and everything else attached to it. "
Jan 02, 2019
"Knowledgeable, Experienced, Caring, Friendly - adjectives which apply to Barry and his entire staff at Wayne Physical Therapy. I never waited for any appointment which added to the positive experience. I had surgery on my broken wrist and came to WPTherapy because Barry is a Certified Hand Therapist. His knowledge in this area is evident . If you need physical therapy I highly recommend the Wayne Physical Therapy & Spine Center for an undeniably excellent outcome"
Dec 14, 2018
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"After a long recovery for my ruptured ankle tendon, Barry and his staff helped me recover mobility. Professional, caring, and knowledgeable all around. I never thought I could stand on my tip-toes again, but here I am reaching for the top shelf again. Thanks!!"
Nov 05, 2018
"Just finished therapy for a broken wrist. I received excellent care and the results are proof of that. Barry and his staff are excellent and I would recommend Wayne PT to anyone who needs therapy."
Oct 11, 2018
"I highly recommend Wayne Physical Therapy and Spine Center. I am a retired massage therapist and have had many injuries and I also have herniated disks. I have had a lot of PT around the NJ area. They are extremely well qualified, professional and they know exactly what exercise to incorporate to heal your injury or back issue. They are positive, informative, and have the best equipment in their office. They have more experience than other offices and will give you attention and more expertise so you will not have to come back again. I had such a positive experience, I would recommend them to all my clients and friends. "
Oct 06, 2018
"Had back surgery after a long time of pain. Was inactive due to pain prior to surgery. Wayne PT got me back to my daily activities. They were knowledgeable and experienced. The staff was great. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of their help. "
Sep 29, 2018
"I have been a patient at Wayne Physical Therapy & Spine Center for various injuries and conditions over the years. I keep breaking my body and they keep fixing it!!! The entire staff from the Office crew to the PT Aides, and to the Therapists themselves are simply exceptional! They treat you as a person, not simply the injured body part. They are very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. Wayne Physical Therapy and Spine Center is a first rate facility and I recommend them highly to anyone needing quality physical therapy!"
Sep 19, 2018
"I had a bad accident at work and had broken both bones in my arm. Went to physical therapy and Barry and staff are amazing, I am back to my normal routine. They are professional, nice and always willing to accommodate for appointments. "
Sep 05, 2018
"Wayne Physical Therapy Spine & Hand Center is by far the best place around. I have been to many different practices and not one compares to the quality and attention to detail they have here. I felt my physical therapist (one of the owners) went way out of his way to accommodate my busy schedule and making sure I was comfortable. Thank you Barry and staff for giving me back the mobility of my shoulder! I would highly recommend this facility to anyone that wants the best care with the nicest people."
Sep 04, 2018
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"Was very happy with the physical therapy I received her for my lower back problem. It was corrected and I now have no pain. I have follow-up exercises to do. Some years ago I was here for my knee with a torn meniscus and was also pleased with my treatment and did not need surgery. Both conditions were handled by Jeanette Catoggio. She is a wonderful Physical Therapist and a very pleasant person."
Sep 04, 2018
"Barry literally saved my life - because I'm a long-time client of his, he recognized a problem with a knee replacement (TKR) based on the lack of my typically fast recovery, and recommended I get a second opinion. Turns out I had a massive staph infection and needed an immediate removal of the knee replacement and 6 weeks of IV antibiotics. My whole family has been treated by Barry's "family" over the years, and I have complete trust in their expertise and ability to return us to our pre-injury conditions."
Aug 31, 2018
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Aug 29, 2018
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"Dear Barry & Staff. Thank you so much for all the wonderful support and encouragement you have shown me over the past 4 months as I recovered from knee surgery. Those first few months were no picnic, but your attention to detail and your extra effort to help me through means more to me than you will ever know. Learning how to do things for myself again was a big key and you helped me find the way. Anyone in need of Physical Therapy should look no further than Wayne PT. This “family” of Therapists and Staff truly love what they do and it shows. They are by far the best group of people I have ever worked with. Best of luck in your new location!! Janeen B"
Aug 27, 2018
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"Dear Barry & Staff. Thank you so much for all the wonderful support and encouragement you have shown me over the past 4 months as I recovered from knee surgery. Those first few months were no picnic, but your attention to detail and your extra effort to help me through means more to me than you will ever know. Learning how to do things for myself again was a big key and you helped me find the way. Anyone in need of Physical Therapy should look no further than Wayne PT. This "family" of Therapists and Staff truly love what they do and it shows. They are by far the best group of people I have ever worked with. Best of luck in your new location!! "
Aug 27, 2018
"Oustanding therapists. Got me back on my feet! I don't know what I would have done without Cathy and her guidance. Jeanette is absolutely wonderful to work with too! I would never trust anyone else ! These ladies are amazing 🙂 I'm so grateful!"
Aug 14, 2018
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"I had a “run in” with a pressurized door which tried to take off my thumb. My thumb survived, but it definitely needed help to restore movement. Barry and his team did a great job getting the use of my thumb back to normal. I can’t say Thank You enough to the people at Wayne Physical Therapy. You could not find a more knowledgeable or nicer group of people from the office and desk staff to all the therapists. Everyone I encountered was very helpful and they all have a great sense of humor."
Jul 28, 2018
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"Excellent experience. Great staff and wonderfully attentive"
Jul 25, 2018
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"Fantastic experience. Barry and his staff are courteous and professional . They are personable and genuinely interested in your well being. They actually make physical therapy fun. I rely on their tremendous expertise and experience."
Jul 17, 2018
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"Dear Barry & Staff, It's such a pleasure to come back here, everyone is so fantastic in their job and their attitude. It's a joy to do PT here and the individual attention really helps you to want to work harder. I've been coming here for 9 years with some problem or another and always leave feeling so much better. Hope you will be happy in your new place, I'll be over to see you and bring a crumb cake. Thanks for a good treatment. I feel much stronger. Good luck- keep flying. "
Jul 16, 2018
"Barry and his staff are very helpful! I highly recommend Wayne physical therapy!"
Jul 13, 2018
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"I had physical therapy at Wayne PT for a severe ankle injury. At that time the staff members were very attentive to me and my situation. Everyone at Wayne PT had me functioning nearly normally within months. It was a lot of work and It wasn't easy but Wayne PT helped me throughout the therapy and recuperation. Recently, I once again needed the services of Wayne PT and everyone there was just as helpful and assisted me on the road to recovery. The entire staff at Wayne PT during both occasions were helpful, efficient, effective, and knowledgeable but most of all, they were friendly, happy in their work and were funny. They took a painful situation and made it tolerable. Love Wayne PT"
Jul 10, 2018
"Fabulous PT....Cathy, Barry and entire staff was great! Professional, knowledgeable and friendly! Got me back on my feet safely and efficiently. I feel better knowing I can push myself and go back to them, if needed! Thanks again. Sue"
Jul 02, 2018
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"Wayne Physical Therapy has helped me overcome very uncomfortable knee pain through their prompt, professional, and thorough treatment. I am now able to walk long distances pain free thanks to their courteous professional efforts. I will be happy to recommend Wayne PT to any friend who needs a comforting pain free recovery. Sincerely, Stuart L. "
Jun 29, 2018
"The team at Wayne PT did a great job with my therapy. They explained the 'why' behind each exercise. I couldn't have done it without them!"
Jun 28, 2018
"Loved their service and personal attention. It's like being part of the family. Got me pain free in a very short time and taught me how to stay pain free. Herb C"
Jun 20, 2018
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"I WANT TO THANK BARRY AND CATHY AND THEIR STAFF AT WAYNE PHYSICAL THERAPY FOR EVERYTHING THEY HAVE DONE FOR ME! I HAVE BEEN A PATIENT ON AND OFF SINCE 1992 FOR DIFFERENT PROBLEMS. THANK YOU! YOU ARE THE BEST ❤ I also want to tel l you I think Luz is the BEST aide I ever had working with me. She is caring, compassionate, friendly, very helpful, kind, sincere and all around a lovely women! She is an asset to your staff! I wish all of you lots of luck and happiness and thanks again for everything you have done for me! I feel GREAT! Sincerely, Angela Diaz"
Jun 13, 2018
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"I am very appreciative for the superb service and support I received from Wayne Physical Therapy. Everyone here was very professional and the team was caring and dedicated to assisting my recovery. Thank you!"
Jun 11, 2018
"Very professional and competent. Answered all my questions, started sessions on time, and I am very satisfied with my results."
Jun 04, 2018
"Everyone was very professional in everything that they did. I felt very comfortable and cared for here. Nice work gang! Note: Davy's singing was okay."
Jun 04, 2018
"I was a patient at Wayne PT and Spine center. I worked primarily with Barry, and I couldn’t say enough good things about the office. All the PTs are highly certified and knowledgeable and humble. I’ve been to many different PT offices and I find that most PTs are extremely arrogant, they don’t listen to what you’re saying and just talk over you, but not here. Barry and all the other PTs actually listened and answer the question that was asked not the BS answers you get when someone is just waiting for you to stop talking. Highly recommend this office. Another thing! They actually gave me equipment from the office to use at home and to keep because I wanted to be more aggressive with my treatment, that’s unheard of. Again, I couldn’t recommend this place enough!!!"
May 31, 2018
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"Everything was very good, on time they take care of me. They put interest in my recuperation. I am very thankful. "
May 21, 2018
"Wayne PT is THE place to go when you get hurt. They ALWAYS do a great job getting me back on track. Excellent service and care."
May 18, 2018
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May 16, 2018
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"Very good job on my hand."
May 15, 2018
"I was very lucky that my doctor recommended me to Wayne Physical Therapy and spine Center. I mam more than pleased and the staff was the best."
May 15, 2018
"Thank you all so much for all you did to help me through my recovery! From the girls at the desk, the helpers inside, and all the physical therapists, you made coming here a pleasure. I always looked forward to coming. You all made me feel like part of your family! Special thanks to Jeanette, Barry & Cathy! Thank you so much! I am going to miss you all! Thank you!!"
May 02, 2018
"I came to Wayne PT and Spine Center after sustaining a radius and ulna fracture as the result of an automobile accident. Being an Occupational Therapist myself, I was certain I wanted to find an upper extremity expert. Finding a Certified Hand Therapist was especially important to me since I have additional advanced training in upper extremity rehabilitation. Barry, the Certified Hand Therapist, is a PT with extensive hand and arm training. As a CHT, Barry holds the highest qualifications to perform therapy on upper extremity injuries. I would highly recommend him not only because of his vast knowledge and experience, but because he practices quality therapy while maintaining the highest level of ethics and integrity. The office staff are pleasant and accommodating. I would highly recommend the Wayne PT and Spine Center for anyone seeking outpatient services."
Apr 30, 2018
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“As always you, Cathy and your staff are the best! I want to thank you for always being here for me and for taking such good care of me. I have always appreciated you. I have been your patient since 1991 or 1992.


I also want to tell you, I think Luz is the best aide I have had! She is caring, compassionate, friendly, very helpful, kind, sincere and all around lovely women! She is an asset to your staff!

I hope you feel better.”

Love Always,

Angela D

We work hard for our patients. Here are some quotes from our patients and providers.

“This year I am very thankful that I am able to walk again and I have all of you to thank! I would not be where I am now had it not been for your knowledge, TLC and encouragement. I was offered my old job back at CHCC in Wyckoff and am back to my every other weekend & as needed routine. I am also going to start subbing for the Pompton Lakes school nurses at the start of the year, hopefully. I lost the 10 pounds I gained while being gimpy plus 10 more, so I am half way to where I want to be. I was able to get my left heel to touch my tush one time a couple weeks ago; hopefully it will get there again. I am finding it is a good judge of the weather, so if you doubt the weather man, give me a call.”

-Charlotte Tucker

“About 6 weeks ago I walked into Wayne Physical Therapy… I was in agony with pain, bent over, etc. My diagnosis was: Ruptured Disk/Severe Stenosis. I did not have much hope that I would get better or even improve. Even my orthopedic doctor felt they could not help me but it would not hurt me!

Today is my last day at Wayne Physical Therapy and I can honestly say that I am 100% improved! I have no back pain whatsoever. The dedicated physical therapists, Cathy and Jeanette, are responsible for this miracle. They were always so caring and positive and although the treatments and exercises were not always easy, they never gave up on me. I can now function normally again.

Thanks so much for all your help you gave me. I would highly recommend all of you.”

-Lee Winston

“I would like to thank each and every one of you for all the help you’ve given me during my recovery. I never felt like a patient, but part of a team. You are all special in your own way or Barry wouldn’t have you part of his team! Thank you for caring!”

-Judyann Futia

“I am very pleased with the results of the physical therapy services I received for my shoulder from Barry and his staff at Wayne Physical Therapy. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to refer patients.”

-H. Abessi, M.D.

“Having been exposed to other PT facilities this one is head and shoulders above the rest.”

-Administrator for referring orthopedic’s office

“I previously took my daughter to another therapy office and I cannot believe the difference… Cannot stress enough how courteous and friendly… I would recommend you to everyone.”

-Patient survey comment

“I was amazed that there were so many professionals… Who were always in touch with my progress and treatment… Never had to re-explain or have the same test… continuity and communcation were note worthy…”

-Patient survey comment

“Excellent care and communication… the best therapists in the area… the only place I would send my family members.”

-Local referring physician

“Excellent… I would recommend you to anyone and if I ever need services again I would go nowhere else but here!”

-Patient survey comment

“Competent, caring professionals who are very good at what they do.”

-Patient survey comment

“Didn’t only work on the cure – helped me to understand why it was happening and what to do in the future.”

-Patient survey comment

“Right from my first phone call through all my visits, everyone has been not only very helpful but also pleasant.”

-Patient survey comment

“Thank you for helping me to dramatically improve my quality of life.”

-Patient survey comment

“The staff here is wonderful – they all made my difficult situation much easier to handle…”

-Patient survey comment

“Your pursuit of the latest research and findings… With your willingness to continually refine your skills… provided me with the highest quality of care…”

-Patient survey comment

“Every part of PT was a 5-star service…”

-Patient survey comment