Neck and Back Therapy

Treatment for spinal injuries is a subspecialty of orthopedics and should be treated as such. As the structure of the spine is unique, there are special problems related to this area, and therefore specialized training is necessary to ensure appropriate treatment.

Because the majority of problems are mechanical, relating to specific activities, postures, and habits of the patient’s lifestyle, a mechanical solution is necessary. Our staff is expert in the treatment of spinal problems with post-graduate training in the McKenzie approach to mechanical diagnosis and treatment and we have Credentialed McKenzie Therapists on staff. A thorough evaluation will be performed to identify movements, positions, and activities that aggravate the condition as well as those that will decrease symptoms. Emphasis is on active self-treatment in which the patient plays a vital role. The goal in our practice is not only to resolve the current problem but to prevent recurrence so typical in spinal problems.

Mechanically Oriented Evaluation and Treatment

Mechanically-oriented evaluation and treatment refers to the use of specific provocation tests, combined with an extensive knowledge of the anatomy and function of the involved structures involved. This information is then utilized to design the treatment plan most effective in resolving the problem.

Mechanically-oriented therapists develop specific treatment approaches to go right to the structure at fault. They tend to use various hands on techniques such as mobilization, manipulation, mobilization with movement, frictional massage, therapist assisted stretching and strengthening exercises, all combined with various forms of exercise and /or instruction for home. Patient education is a large part of our approach.