Direct Access

You Now Have Greater Choice with Your Health Care
Most people don't know but you do NOT need a referral or prescription for physical therapy in the state of NJ. Direct Access to physical therapy is here and at Wayne Physical Therapy & Spine Center we are qualified to provide it. If you think you may need physical therapy just call and set up a consultation. If you have preliminary questions, we will be happy to have a therapist speak with you by phone first to see if we can help.

There are Several Benefits That Come from Direct Access.

  • Quicker access to the treatment you deserve.
  • While each patient's case is different, clinical research shows that direct access should save you money.
  • Seeing a physical therapist first, in many cases, will result in fewer overall treatment sessions.
  • Avoid unnecessary trips to multiple doctors and invasive tests and medications if the result is going to be a referral to physical therapy anyway.

We value the relationship we have with our patients, and their physicians. We will continue to foster this relationship by notifying a patient's physician of our evaluation findings and providing updates on the care plan as needed.

Additionally, if after speaking with you or after your evaluation, we feel physical therapy is not appropriate or additional medical advice is needed, we will always refer you to the appropriate medical practitioner.